Global Art for Global Change

Flowers of Change is a global participatory artwork by the artist Pierre Estève. With it, the artist wishes to aware humanity of the need to eradicate plastic waste from the surface of the Earth and the Oceans. From recycled plastic bottles, the artist and thousands of «florists of change» create «Flowerings»: ephemeral forests of «Flowers of Change» made from tons of plastic, in which visitors are invited to walk around. Flowers of Change has been certified COP21 and International Year of Light 2015.

Collecte des bouteilles pour les ateliers Flowers Of Change

Bottles collection

This first step of the Flowers of Change project is essential. Indeed, it participates in the emulation of the project which will surround the exhibition and starts the dynamism sought around the issues of selective sorting, recycling, waste management and our patterns of consumption. Each person brings a dozen plastic bottles (household waste), companies can also recover this material (industrial waste). The bottles are ready to be transformed into an artwork before the usual cycle of recycling.

Ateliers Flowers Of Change


Second step: the creation of the FLOWERS. It is with the artist Pierre Estève that participants learn how to make a "flower of change". An artistic action to talk of sustainable development, of the process of creating, of contemporary art, of the world that surrounds us, our past, present and future. It is also a crucial step on the ecological commitment. Indeed, while creating a Flowers of Change, the people are committed to no longer throw plastic in nature.

exposition Flowers of Change


Last step: a wonderful opportunity to meet together, to give life to this collective creation of the inhabitants of a town. By giving and by cutting a few bottles, each participant contributes to a joyful and beautiful, giant work covered by a significant number of visitors on the duration of the exhibition. By teaching us that in art as in ecology, a small gesture of each can give us a great result for all, Flowers of Change contributes to collective awareness of the issues related to sustainable development. At the end of the exhibition, the flowers are returned to participants.




Flowers of Change makers


Flowers of Change done


Recycled bottles

COP22 in Marrakech

During the COP22, Art Science 21 offers various participatory cultural events linking art and science to actions in relation to the climate and sustainable development in the city of Marrakech, with the support of the Moroccan Coalition for climate Justice. Indeed, the artist Pierre Estève and his team will present Flowers Of Change, a creative, participatory and eco-citizen project.

We will take possesion of 2 spaces in the civil society of the COP22 (Gender and Climate and Art & Culture ). The artist Pierre Estève and his team will work with the Moroccans in the creation of Flowers Of Change, flowers made from recycled plastic bottles. By this action, Art Science 21 and Pierre Estève commit to raise awareness among children who are the future generations as well as women and men to the importance of the reduction of waste and recycling.

Each participant will be able to make a selfie with his Flowers Of Change accompanied with a special message, a wish or a positive thinking to change something in the world. His portrait will be displayed on this web site. A fun and artistic way to be engaged in sustainable development and declare solemnly to no longer throw plastic in nature. You will find us on our stand in the Arkane's space (Art & Culture - Green zone). Flowers Of Change, a unifying and unforgettable moment from November 7th to 18th in Marrakech.